21.04wear is a fashion project making FASHIONABLE and ONE OF A KIND pieces out of vintage, preloved and recycled fashion.

We want to be in DIALOGUE with our community and make LIMITED, AFFORDABLE, FAIR and SUSTAINABLE pieces for EVERYONE.

21.04wear is a fashion project by QUEENLORDJORD (aka Jordy Vaesen), located in Belgium. 



DIALOGUE: Through our social media we communicate with you, our community. We rely on you to let us know what you like/dislike, what you think can be improved, what sizes you want us to make etc... 

LIMITED: Every piece is one of a kind (or very limited). Due to the nature of our raw material it's almost impossible to make two exactly the same products. This supports our believe that fashion should become more unique and individual. That's why we give all our pieces a unique number. 

AFFORDABLE: Buying 21.04wear means buying directly from the designer/producer. By leaving out distributors and suppliers it's possible to sell our clothes at "affordable" prices. 

FAIR: Our garments are made in Belgium in our 21.04wear atelier. We work in a healthy and clean environment with a good life/work balance and a fair pay for the work we do. 

SUSTAINABLE: By using vintage/preloved/recycled fashion as our raw material and using little to none new materials (yarn etc...), we try to be a change/alternative for fashion's waste and pollution problem. Buying 21.04wear means buying greener and more conscious. 

EVERYONE: We design for everyone. All sizes, all genders, all colors, all sexual preferences, all religions, etc... We encourage being openminded, loving and compassionate towards each other and our environment. 

FYI: We are constantly talking in "we" form, but to be honest, 21.04wear is operated by 1 person for now (aka queenlordjord). But this is what we stands for. Thx for reading.